SURVEY:  Solving the Patient Engagement Problem

View the Results

SURVEY:  Solving the Patient Engagement Problem

View the Results

From the Basics to Advanced Patient Engagement...we've got you covered

Design and Setup

We take your branding and design and code the e-newsletter to your approval. This saves you time and ensures the best communication for viewing on all devices.

Increase Patient Portal Utilization

Dashboard and Analytics

View a snapshot of your e-newsletter usage and Patient Survey results on your dashboard and click through to see more detailed data.


Patient e-mail addresses synch seamlessly with the e-newsletter system.

Your Announcements

Easily add your announcements in just a few minutes via the online portal.

Automated Health Information

Daily health news and information as well as any available Patient Education content automatically populates your communications.

Patient Surveys built into eNewsletter

Get the most responses by including your patient surveys directly inside your e-newsletter via the Patient Pulse survey module.

Work-flow Reminders

Healthcare organizations are busy places. We send reminders to staff in advance of their scheduled e-newsletter delivery.

Personalization Engine

Health news and information as well as Patient Education library content can be personalized for individuals based upon their interests.

Content Filtering

Health news and information can be automatically filtered by specialty (e.g., primary care, cardiology, orthopedics, GI, etc.).

Geographic Targeting

Information such as Events, Classes, and Links will only appear to patients who live within certain zip codes.

Link targeting

Tag e-newsletter links with health topics (e.g., diabetes). Only patients with matching topic(s) in their profile will see those links.

From Your Doctor

The system can automatically feature patients’ individual doctor in each communication creating a very personalized experience which leads to the highest levels of engagement.

Increase Patient Portal Utilization

Provide ongoing value to patients by offering relevant and useful communications

Beyond keeping patients informed, Update for Health is proven to drive usage and adoption of your online resources, patient portal, wellness programs, events, and much more. Organizations have seen more than 200% increases in patient portal usage with Update for Health.

Our easy-to-use platform and automated content delivery system take the hard work out of creating eNewsletters your patient community will engage with.

Patient Surveys

Built into our automated eNewsletter system is our easy-to-use survey builder that allows you to include patient surveys directly in your eNewsletters, anytime. Get the patient insights you need, quickly and easily.