SURVEY:  Solving the Patient Engagement Problem

View the Results

SURVEY:  Solving the Patient Engagement Problem

View the Results

Large groups and health systems demand specialized communication that will deliver a consistent, modern experience across your entire enterprise.

Enterprise Dashboard

Easily view and navigate dozens or hundreds of locations.

Tailored For Your Organization

Aggregated Analytics

Snapshot of all Network activity summarized.


Quickly view individual locations and activity in your Network.

Dynamic Templates

Automatically combine location-specific information to patients and network-wide information, including surveys.

Broadcast to Your Location Administrators

Easily send important announcements to location administrators.


Health information is automatically personalized based on patient preferences.

Events, Programs, Classes

Your eCommunication automatically pulls the latest news and information from your organization.

Regional Targeting

Information such as Events, Classes, and Links will only appear to patients who live within certain regions, and/or have certain health topic preferences.

Link Targeting

Tag links with health topics (e.g., diabetes). Only patients with matching topic(s) in their profile will see those links.

From Your Doctor

The system can automatically feature patients’ individual doctor in each communication creating a very personalized experience which leads to the highest levels of engagement.

Delivery Timing

Control when your network's eCommunications get delivered, or let your individual locations choose their own schedule.

The financial benefits are the easiest to identify [with HealthBanks] because if we mailed 15,000 newsletters/month we would spend $7200 (annualized $86,000/year) which does not include the paper, printing and the time to prepare these mailings. This is a much more cost effective way to share information and more people take the time to review.

Urology Associates of Central PA
Urology Associates of Central PA