SURVEY:  Solving the Patient Engagement Problem

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SURVEY:  Solving the Patient Engagement Problem

View the Results

Beyond the Patient Portal…and Encounter Screens

The patient portal, encounter screens, and traditional EMRs have a central role in value-based care and in better patient care. But patient portals and seamless encounter screens alone do not create a well-rounded patient engagement strategy. Patient engagement's role in value-based care is significant.

The traditional EMR has become a commodity in today's healthcare marketplace. Today's leading EMRs need to move beyond providing just practice management, claims processing, and clinical recording tools.

Patient engagement, when leveraged through and integrated with the EMR, can increase patient acquisition and retention and improve patient care, the patient experience and patient flow.

But tools such as the Patient Portal are passive and only one piece of the larger puzzle.

For patient engagement to be successful, and to maximize overall EMR investments, EMR companies need to lead their customers to focus on business drivers, core principles and patient-relationship management.

Business Drivers

  • Meet advanced MIPS/MACRA/PCMH or other regulatory criteria
  • Improve Patient Access
  • Drive patient acquisition, retention, and engagement with your services

Core Requirements

  • Integration with financial and clinical initiatives and workflows
  • Push technology (eCommunications, Patient Feedback, optimized for mobile) vs. current pull technology (portals)
  • Consolidate patient technology footprint and increase utilization

Patient Relationship Management

  • Reach patients on an ongoing basis
  • Automate engagement opportunities
  • Integrated with your EMR for seamless setup, deployment and management